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    Brand Story
    The green power of dream -- At thevery beginning of economy boom in China, Gadlee has known what this means to andthe significance to purify and protect the environment. Thus, our initial dreamwas born to build a green world. To pursue our wonderful dream, we carry out greenworld march.

    We used to be the excellent agent ofinternational famous cleaning brand, providing all-round technical support fortheir entering Chinese market; we gained rich experience gradually anddetermined to establish own national brand.

    Brand Core Value
    National Brand, Independent R&D,Internationalization -- Gadlee’s brand core value.

     Brand Mission
    To build a green world is ourMission,
    Created in China is ourResponsibility

    Brand Commitment
    We determined to create perfectproduct and seek perfect quality.

    Brand Vision
    We pursue independent and perspectivetechnical research and development, making the solid foundation for product performance.We insist a ll products are manufactured in Gadlee’s highest standard, not onlykeep the full product feature, but also prolong the service life significantly,offer equipment management help to our clients. We always uphold theresponsible for society, customers, employees and shareholders, try every effortsto create a more clean, safe and healthy environment.

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